Dreamer, visionary, leader, do-er.....Keeya Branson Davis is all of these, and much more. A product of Philadelphia's prestigious Central High School, she was graduated from storied DePauw University before receiving her Master's degree from the Temple University School of Tourism and Hospitality Management, followed by a Doctoral degree in Education Administration, also from Temple.

Mother, wife, sister, daughter...Keeya Branson Davis manages to balance all of these with aplomb. Never one to settle, she has guided her life by the principle of only accepting from herself the best that she is capable of, and expecting the same from others. A stint working for Mayor Ed Rendell led her to a position at the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation where she spent 15 years producing concerts and ethnic festivals that gave this city's diverse population something to be proud of--not just for certain Philadelphians, but for everyone.